from beyond the sub-underground: eight conceivable extended-play-records released on asaurus records way back in 2004 on two cd-rs as limited editions of 100 each, featuring the london apartments, gabriel joel, bacanal intruder, jason voss & patrick elkins, stinkcharmer, solvents, patterns in paris and thee moths

just what the headline says: eight imaginary extended-play-records that never saw the light of vinyl but were only released as parts of the asaurus records ep club compilation series as limited editions on cd-r way back in the early 2000s. between 2001 and 2008 the asaurus label realized about one hundred releases mostly on cd-r featuring lo-fi-noise, home-made-punk and crawl-space-outsiderististic psychodeleria that always waswere a lot of fun no fun.

for today i chose two of their releases that are neither listed on discogs nor are they available for download on the posthumous bandcamp-page of asaurus. they are a very strange brew of gestaltaufstellung performed by some of the most ambitious skip-spence-impersonators and subliminal denovastion by lxchilton-weltinnenraum-divers exhaliated in the 42nd row of the concept hall. 

here we go: 

the asaurus records ep club number three

01 - all of the constellations
02 - 1904
03 -passing freighters in the fog
04 - she was the president (listen directly)

05 - psychic birds don't crash
06 - cut throat fireworks (listen directly)
07 - convince me
08 - just like living alone

patterns in paris
09 - fade to blake
10 - lights off (listen directly)
11 - ten minutes more
12 - the world is smaller than you think

thee moths
13 - as fletcher makes straight his arrow
14 - seahound (listen directly)
15 - the singing from operation london
16 - universe prayer (winter version)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



the asaurus records ep club number seven

the london apartments
01 - what are those sounds
02 - shut your eyes (listen directly)
03 - oh wait
04 - circuit

gabriel joel
05 - i'm sick of leaving this time
06 - just hours south
07 - loaded guns and wild tongues
08 - wind tossed white caps (live) (listen directly)

bacanal intruder
09 - divertimento
10 - mini-siesta (listen directly)
11 - switching pencils
12 - to take my way

jason voss & patrick elkins
13 - new fishing pole
14 - yard sale party (listen directly)
15 - girls on parade
16 - firetruck

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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You always surprise. Don't have the faintest idea of what al thisi is but thank you for the chance of finding out. Grusse aus Argentina.