screamin' jay hawkins live in bremen 1988 plus some unconnected bonustracks by link wray and the cramps

for my listening pleasure these are not the greatest hits all over and over again, but you will get to listen to a rather loose session by screamin' jay hawkins and his band with lots of soloing by the guitar and the tenor saxophon. and for your listening pleasure i added some not all too obviously related bonus tracks by link wray and the cramps, for whatever reason.

this concert was recorded by radio bremen on the first of june 1988, and it features screamin' jay hawkins on piano and vocals, joel foy on guitar, bari southern on tenor saxophone, rodney lee schnitz on bass and mark clinton sanchez on drums. they played seven rather long songs with a lot of improvisation in short under 40 minutes. at the end of the tape i found an undated version of waiting for my man by nico with a band i think i should know but can not identify for sure, and of course i let it there. so the uncut version of the screamin' jay hawkins concert and the mysterious nico version all together make up track one of the downloadable cd you may find waydownbelow.

01 - screamin' jay hawkins

- the whammy
- maybe
- yellow coat
- hong kong
- bite it (listen directly)
- (all alone??)
- stand by me

- nico 

and when all is sad and down, this is followed by five versions of raw hide or raw-hide by link wray:

02 - 1958; cadence-session with the ray men; alternate take (listen directly)
03 - 1985; live in america with keith lentin on bass and marty feyer on drums
04 - 1985; epic sessions with the wraymen
05 - 1996; live in the uk (listen directly)
06 - 1958; cadence-session with the raymen
and to cumpleaste the feast of raw and primertive rockandroll we got the cramps executing their 15-minute-version of surfin' bird live in new york on the 23rd of november 1994.

07 - the cramps

and track 08 on the cd is bite it by screamin' jay hawkins as a short excerpt of track 01. and that's all for know, and be sure to have some fun.

(mp3 / direct download)

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