wolf and the gang from gütersloh in krautwestgermany with their twanging version of the sixties plus two obscure demo recordings i found in the waste bin of the stuttgart employment agency

take it or better leave it. there is no hint or evidence to be found on the wouldweightwapp that this=here cd or even the band really does or did exist in any way. but anyway who cares. 

when wolf and the gang recorded this album in 2015 they were wolf on guitars and vocals, and the gang on everything else. no additional information can't be found nowhere, but interestingingly they are performing at least three tracks the rattles wrote or did perform live some times. by the way, i found this cd in a second hand store for less than fifty cent.

so listen:

01 - get it on
02 - apron strings
03 - with a girl like you (listen directly)
04 - i'm free
05 - come on and sing
06 - confessin' the blues
07 - last date
08 - the price of love (listen directly)
09 - dead flowers
10 - rockin' all over the world
11 - shakin' all over
12 - love of my life
13 - the last time (listen directly)
14 - pictures of matchstick men
15 - parisienne walkaways
16 - green onions

for your listening pleasure i added two demo-cds i found in the garbage can of the stuttgart employment agency. the beatles of baltemore are still alive and kicking, but the blizzards have gone lost in the process of growing old.

17 - the beatles of baltmannsweiler (listen directly)

18 - the blizzards

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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