some german protopostpunk 1979: no horizon from kiel live in concert

unfourtunatedlay there is not all too much evidence to be found on the net that this band even existed: in 1979 they released a four-track-maxi-ep that is rather rare nowadays, and later on a few of their tracks appeared on some posthumourosly compilations. until now nobody even knew that a live recording had survived.

no horizon from kiel in the northwestgerman providence of schleswig-holstein were jan credit on vocals, andy schwarz on bass, akim ju on drums, aga phlegma on guitar and max meir on saxophone. my deasrset neighbour brotbeutel might give you some hints about the wherass and wheiss, and some additional information can be found on discogs. absoulutely nothing though is known about the live concert you are going to be listening to in the following except for the fact that it was recorded long before 1982 (that's when i got the tape) and that it is probably from 1978 or 1979 because it is sung entiredly in english and is featuring none of the songs they recorded in german later on.

so listen to half an hour of postkrautprotopostpunk seamuslessly in one peas:

for your love
i don't like it
strange shelves (listen directly)
indian ali
?i don't like??
???miss you (listen directly)
no horizon

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