a very cheap budget trash bin compilation by the postpostpost-yardbirds, completely messed up by the label and here and now enhanced with some terrific bonustracks

just what the headline says: a low-budget production for the rummage table, a postpostpost incarnation of the late yardbirds re=interprenetating some of their gravest hits and endrotzusing some new songs in an almost acceptable way getting coumpletelay messed up by an everso=undercaring record company; it's a waste of trash and i love it. for your listening pleasure i added some bonus tracks i aleatorically picked up out off my collection; so please stay at home and have fun.

the tracklist you get with this trash can king is totally rubbish, the order of tracks is appsouloudelay wrong and one of the betterlater tracks is not even mentioned: there are 14 tracks on this cd, while the cover does only list 13 of them. my handwritten commands will show you the way. the recordings most probably were executed in 1995 by jim mccarthy, chris dreja, ray majors and terry crowe, but noboreday knows if it really happound.

this is what you want, this is what you get:

01 - for your love
02 - still i'm sad (not said) (listen directly)
03 - gotta go now
04 - winter (listen directly)
05 - shapes of things
06 - heart full of soul
07 - stand up
08 - good morning, little schoolgirl (listen directly)
09 - the stooge
10 - evilhearted you (listen directly)
11 - goodbye baby
12 - smokeless zone
13 - over under sideways down (listen directly)
14 - a madlay

and now for the bonus tracks; listen to them, they are really good!

15 - the downliners sect - ain't got you (listen directly)
16 - the downliners sect - bad penny
(from the 1991 cd "savage return". jim mccarthy is featured on track 16; track 15 is here because i love this version of the late downliners)

17 - i'm waiting for my man
(from "over the world"; this track was recorded at the shrine auditorium in los angeles, probably on the 31st of may 1968)

18 - paff bum
19 - questa volta (listen directly)
(live at san remo in february 1966; bootleg-versions from the early 90s; terrible!)

20 - glimpses
(some sound effects recorded in new york 1967)
21 - the in sound (listen directly)
(august 1967, for a us army radio program)
22 - think about it
(work in progress; london 1968)
23 - the train kept a-rollin' (listen directly)
(live in france; 9th of march 1967)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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great recordings many thanks