minhinihalism going to the maximistress: the 1965 execution of the day of niagara by john cale, tony conrad, angus maclise, la monte young and marian zazeela plus some bonustracks you might not be aware of

released some twenty years ago this cd of the real dream syndicate has become a rather rare item, and i thought you might like to hear it again or eventually at long least last lost lust et cetera. for your listening pleasure i added some bounustracks i found in the dark holes of my collection, and so it's allha great minimaniacinihihilism wartsoever.

the real dream syndicate in 1965 of course were john cale, tony conrad, angus maclise, la monte young, and marian zazeela: they were very young artists following a new vision of how art might want to be: mod, punk, pop, proto-psych, avantgarde: you name it, and they took it and they got it and they interreversed it and they made it better or wurst. very nice; and of course you know all about them of course. i don't need to tell yer cuz eyema supafellord.

for your listening pleasure and for you to build and burn a nice cd you can lay back to relax and listen comfourtabely at home i added some faulty minuettes of bonustracks you might know or love or leave or no or not. burt lets start with the real stuff:

01 - day of niagara (recorded in 1965 et cetera et cetera)

and now for the bonustracks:

 here we go-go!


02 - angus maclise - cloud asylum (recorded in 1966; from the cd up from the archives by gerard malanga)

03 - john cale and tony conrad - after the locust (1968) (listen directly)
04 - john cale, angus maclise and terry jennings - terry's cha-cha (1967)


05 - john cale and angus maclise - hot scoria (1964 or 1965)

06 - john cale - wall (1969, from the cd-version of vintage violence) (listen directly)

07 - jon gibson - terry's g dorian blues (probably 1992; in good company with/of la monte young) (listen directly)

08 - la monte young - 89 VI 8 C. 1:42-1:52 AM Paris Encore (probably 1990; from the tape tellus #24)

09 - the ramones - judy is a punk (1976; from the soundtrack of the tenenbaums) (listen directly)

and that's it.

download the mininininmallestinderisterests!
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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