more than two and a half hours of ultrarare german kraut from 1969 and way beyond: amon düül 2: the phallus dei files

phallus dei of course is the dark star hidden in the amon düül 2 gesamtkunstwerk. and though the epic track on their homonymously named 1969 album is commonly known, there is much more to say. for your listening pleasure i compiled two cds worth of live versions, mixes and related euphemera i found in my collection that you might not be aware of. take care of your favourite drug and listen or download or die.
in the download file way down below you will find two folders, both filled with some 70 minutes of music ready to be burned as roms plus some scans and photos. the very short intros and interludes by the way are some sketches i produced along the way.
so here we go-go:

the green folder:
01 - intro (01:00) (listen directly)
02 - jam into phallus dei (38:24) (munich 1969 / location unknown)
03 - interplay (01:00)
04 - phallus dei (09:29) remix from the compilation once upon a time (listen directly)
05 - intermission (01:04)
06 - amon düül 2 play (sic!) phallus dei (23:59) from the dvd amon düül 2 play (sic!) phallus dei

the orange folder:

01 - intro (01:00) (listen directly)
02 - phallus dei live 1969 (24:46) / blow up club / munich
03 - phallus dei (09:04) found on the compilation drei jahrzehnte (listen directly)
04 - intermission (00:58)
05 - phallus dei (20:49) remastered version from the 2006 release of phallus dei; some five seconds longer than any other official release
06 - interplay (01:04)
07 - touch my phal (10:17) bonustrack from the 2006 version of phallus dei on revisited records

(mp3 / all scans includered / direct download)


Anonymous said...

WOW! what an unbelievable treasure trove, thank you so much for putting this lot together.

Mr. P said...

Love it. Can't wait to dig into this.

Sean said...

Wow, you have more Phalluses than anyone I've ever seen! Big AD2 fan here, sincere thanks.