david bedford, robert wyatt, kevin ayers, lol coxhill, mike oldfield and the london sinfonietta: the garden of love 1970

the garden of love was originally written by david bedford in 1963 for an ensemble including flute, horn, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, dancers and a rock band. on the 26th of september 1970 he performed this composition at the queen elizabeth hall in london with kevin ayers and the whole world, the legendary rock ensemble he was part of in these times and played keyboards with. other members of the band and performers on stage included of course kevin ayers on guitar, mike oldfield on guitar and bass, lol coxhill on saxophone, robert wyatt on drums, five members of the london sinfonietta on the aforementioned flute, horn, clarinet, trumpet and double bass plus "six beautiful girls for dancing and turning pages".

a cd recording of this performance was only released posthumously by voiceprint in 1997, has since been deleted from their catalogue and is unavailable by the time being.
35 mb rar-file, 20 minutes mp3 with 224 kbps

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