spirit 1969 and 1992. live and promo.

when we was young: oh, so very young: we were psychedelic punks: and we used to love wire, danny and the dressmakers, the 39 clocks, nico päffgen, the thunderbyrds, paranormale tonbandstimmen, the church of lennon and cale spedding pistols, marc bolan, lol coxhill and spirit. yes: spirit were one of the very few bands to survive the sixties and to be some thing like important to the seventies psycho beats. only a few days later we discovered thousands of other truthful minds. more no fun at long last.

today you might want to listen to eight tracks the spirit recorded on monday the 1st of september 1969 at the texas international pop festival. this "oh boy"-cd is way too short, of course, but no more sounds seem to be bequeathed from these days.

listen to: (1) fresh garbage, (2) elijah, (3) improvisation, (4) ground hog, (5) grammophone man, (6)dream within a dream, (7) i got aline on you and (8) aren´t you glad. randy california (guitar and vocals), ed cassidy (drums), john locke (keyboards) (?), mark andes (bass) and jay ferguson (vocals, percussion) (?). listen, please. (mp3, 224 kbps, 70 mb)
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in 1992 the wonderful hamburg line label decided to (re-)release most of the music spirit had played and given to the audiences throughout the years and to add some new information. all we need to know and we are proud to share can be found within the scans, please click to enlarge (some re-recorded and/or otherwise unreleased tracks for your pleasure plus sara fleetwood plus a 23 minutes interview).

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(and: the hidden bonus track:)
in 1969 spirit released the underrated "clear"-album. listen to the radio-promo.


Cozmic said...

Thanks a lot for your incredible good taste & rare stuff !!! Only Daevid Allen / Gong is missing !

Anonymous said...

A great find for all Spirit fans. Thanks!