gleue, klose, worat: exit out: live in verden an der aller 1984 or 1985

exit out were the northwestgerman dextrapoloitation to some of the finest seconds the late doors trio never had. laid lounge neuronic beat for paranoiairports, cramped deterrorealization of here and now triordial tension.

exit out of course were jürgen gleue singing and playing most guitars and the harp, jörg worat on e-piano, grand piano, organ and bass, and the mad high hatter rüdiger klose on drums. for enigmatic reasons they only released one album; "peruse prankster" was recorded in 1985 and wasted to a not-existing audience in 1986, precursed by a 1984 7"-vinyl given away mostly for free during their very rare live appearances.

what we listen to and learn about today are the relics of a live concert exit out celebrated probably in the winter of 1984 to 1985 in verden an der aller. the verden psycho beat posse (kastrierte philosophen, wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe, liquidipur, pink flamingoes and more) was there and realized a rare and raw documentation of an audience verité recording: snaps, crackles and pops added to soundcheck talkover for the familiar 15 minutes of youth centre hang about fame: the extra benefit bonus encore is amputated unrecoverably. here we go to hate or ignore:

0 - soundchecktalking 3:00
1 - subway sickness 8:00
2 - she relies on books 3:00
3 - (oh boy) this line is engaged 5:00
4 - instrumental 6:30
5 - change bargain rosaries 3:30
6 - mrs. rye 5:00
7 - (?) 8:30
8 - why don´t you smile now (plus power cut) 5:30

exit out live in verden 1984 or 1985
(48 minutes, mp3 224 kbps, 80 mb)

direct download

plus surplus:

(maybe you never noticed: but most of the spurensicherung postings experience an appendix vaguely related to the headline: a paradize for mischief completists, hunters and collectors.)

after relapsing one too many splits of the 39 clocks jürgen gleue formed or joined the above mentioned exit out and simultaneously teamed up with matthias arfmann of kastrierte philosophen fame, free jazz legends gunter hampel and thomas keyserling and the unfailing rüdiger klose to perform and record first as "the trip", then later unknown as "the great recordings" permutating into "cocoon", for some abominately reasons ignored despite their two wonderful albums "while the recording engineer sleeps" and the postumous "stretching things".

two tracks of these prae-cocoon bands survived and though they are not all too significantly different to the versions released on the wonderful album "while the recording engineer sleeps" (recorded in 1985, released in 1989), you can find them here: bad copy of second generation of copied tape...

the trip aka the great recordings aka cocoon: gunter hampel (vibraphone, flutes, voices, clarinette, etc), matthias arfmann (guitars, keyboards, voices), rüdiger klose (precisest accurate drums), thomas keyserling (saxohones, flute) and jürgen gleue aka JG39 (bass, guitars and voice).

- teenage dope slaves
- you complain

direct download
(mp3 / 11:30 / 19 mb)

and: yes: babes: a different version of missis rye...

like no one else would do


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looks cool,
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OVERLORD said...

thank you very much for this stuff, if you have more of JG39.. please share