the door and the window, david toop, mark perry, nag and the casual labourers: free improvized punk 1979

i always thought these recordings were part of the street level universe, but obviously they are not. the tape "what happens when we sing a song?" was recorded live at the LMC (london musicians collective) probably in 1979 and distributed for free or at prime costs under the licence of copyleft. every body in fact was encouraged to copy and to share these recordings. this very friendly anachistic tradition shall be continued here. you can listen to one hour of free improvized punk incorporating and ruminating new old school academical klangforschung (experimental audio research for your pleasure) and old new school protest singing and songwriting. all here. all hear.

this is what you get: the door and the window were bendle, nag, giblet, mark perry, david toop and brass (including roddy disorder and some not named); nag was nag with david toop and giblet; the casual labourers were bendle, sue, dave morgan, tony clough and ashleigh marsh; mark perry was mark perry with dennis burns, dave george and sam transmitter. the sound quality changes from weird to awful. great.

part one: (mp3/192kbps/43mb)
the door and the window - pokerville
nag - in the road / oh bondage up yours
the casual labourers - eanna is returning / out of control / something from nothing

part two: (mp3/192kbps/43mb)
mark perry - death looks down / sound of music / sorrow cried blood
the door and the window - lust / swinga

an extended german re-mix of this text can be found here: (for technical reasons split into) part one and part two.

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