the work. live in germany 1981.

art is not a mirror: it´s a hammer. when henry cow ceased to exist in 1978 the work was one of their many fragmented offsprings. tim hodgkinson (reeds, keyboards, de-composition) and bill gilonis (guitars, instant composition) teamed up with rick wilson (guitars) and mick hobbs (drums) in 1980. they released their first ep "i hate america" in 1981 and played a series of concerts all over europe. they spent the tenth of november 1981 in the very little bavarian village ampermoching where they appeared on stage in the legendary inn "zur post", a venue that had seen pere ubu, the gang of four, die haut and many other bands in front of an audience that most of the times outnumbered the passel of the aboriginal bavarian inhabitants of ampermoching.

with the exception of a short fade-out on side one of the cassette you are about to hear the complete performance they ececuted: almost one hour of the work months before their first album. you can still buy "slow crimes" through the mailorder at ad hoc records as well as other related items. i did. and i will not share any of them as long as they are still available. but these here recordings are totally unique...

the work live in ampermoching 1981
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the work from left to right: tim hodgkinson, rick wilson, mick hobbs, bill gilonis


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this.
One of my favourite bands.
I have seen them many times.



Anonymous said...


strange thing the work's link doesn't work!!!!!!!!

could you please re upload it again?

thanks in advance

Marco from italy

rvd said...

hi marco. thank you for the info. i set up an alternate download and hope it works.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Rvd
for you feed back and in general for the fantastic music you give us by your blog.......... the new link works