re-up and back-up and head on!

no new old music for now (may be later this evening): only a short note to let you know that the nurse with wound cdr "homotopy to large ladies with stoned sardine in the oven wo are drinking with the automating metal man of the mountains which does not function: nurse with wound: rare recordings 1981 - 1993" is back up again: please follow the link to download. though the accompanying text is in german i think the cover, the liners and the tracks are completely self-explanatory.

by the time being almost all files to be found in this blog experience at least two alternative opportunities to download: for most of these files i am using free hosting services, so more often than not there will be some advertisements popping up or under and some holding or even dead time might occur. but also more often than not at least one of these alternative downloads will provide you with what you are looking for.

in the not all-too-distant future we shall be listening to some more 39 clocks live recordings, to the 1982 german avantgatribalists the vielleichtors, to more john stevens, fuzztones, laibach, rotzkotz, technokrat.s, nico and of course to some more street level noise. or to something completely different. please stay tuned.

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