lauwarmes bier: rotzkotz live 1981.

revolt into lo-no-style-trash. rotzkotz were /are a german punkrchmhrockhrrmband, formed in 1977 and not too dead until today. and though they hailed from hannover, the centre of the northwestgerman psycho beat, they were much more fond of a kindergarten mix of / between hawkwind and floh de cologne. in 1979 they released their first album much funny (all sung in some kind of english) on the british label hippocrite, home of the pop rivets way back in these times. for a lot of reasons they re-recorded some of these tracks in 1981 with german lyrics (and being a hannöversche band their etyms, subcontextigurations and out-up-wordings owed more than only one cradle of beer to kurt schwitters) for the release of their second and final album lebensfroh.

on the 27th of july 1981 rotzkotz executed a live performance in the german grosse kreisstadt brühl, some weeks later some parts of this epiphany were broadcasted through the radiothek of the nordwestdeutsche rundfunk. this is a poor poor recording that survived on a second generation copy of a worn-out tape and might not even be couthie, suitable and /or enjoyable to deadicated followers of rotzkotz. but here it is anyway: 25 minutes of lo-fi-trash-style.

1 - deutsche land
2 - computa
3 - das gute ist das böse
4 - es kehrt die zeit
5 - kein problem
6 - erika wacholder farbenfroh
7 - fade out (no joke: it fades out....)


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