spk live at the crypt. london 1981.

here comes some old school industrial noise for your pleasure. spk were an australian post-punk and entertainment-through-pain unit formed in 1977 and way back in these times better known as "sozialistisches patientenkollektiv" in crude honour of a heidelberg anarchistic and anti-psychiatric horde later to become one of many breeding grounds for the german "rote armee fraktion" aka baader-meinhof-group (or "-gang", the terminus preferred by people i loved to hate). strange days, indeed, i am glad i survived...

all and more than you ever wanted to know about spk can be found on this wonderful belgian information overload site (their fourth 7" was released on thee most important label for old school industrial noise; graeme revell wrote some soundtracks for c.s.i. miami; lyrics like "...bomb bomb bomb for mental health / therapy through violence..."; and so much more). unfortunately i can not add all too much new information to that, but fortunately enough i may invite you to listen to one of their concerts.

the tape "spk at the crypt" was recorded live on the 25th of april in london at a crypt in the aerea of paddington and was released the same year on the london sterile records label. no additional information was given with this release, but tracks seem to include berufsverbot / emanation machine r.gie 1916 / ground zero : infinity dose / stammheim torturkammer / serenade / "john" / victim. please figure out for your selves.

spk at the crypt 1981
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