the 39 clocks live in würzburg 1981 beat against the walls of ignorance.

as i mentioned before and as i will continue to be mentioning on and on again: the 39 clocks were the most important (though not most prolific) german band in the late seventies and early eighties of the last century. the minute they invented psycho-beat they istantly and presumptuously snotnosed their own meisterplan of revolt-into-style and ignorance-is-bless-attitude: the people want what the people get and they gave them absolutely nothing. nothing: the 39 clocks did not even hate or ignore people: they simply did not know they were there.

as i mentioned before: most of their official and long gone releases can be obtained visiting brotbeutel and dorfdisco braunsfeld and some other googlians and you might even consider to follow the tag / label "39 clocks" in this here blog to be blessed with some rare and verbatim informal live and studio recordings. and no here is some more.

in 1981 the 39 clocks used to perform live as the aboriginal duo they pretended to be: the mad hi-hatter and the everchanging bassplayers were not available for a lot of reasons unknown. to keep their beat out of tyme they used a machine simulating their clock pulse. the franconian city of würzburg ignored jürgen gleue on bass, guitars and vocals and chrisian henjes on guitars and bass. indigenious fun:

- three floors down
- aspetando godot
- shake the hippie
- 42nd street
- a look into you

|>> the 39 clocks - live in würzburg, bavaria, germany, 1981
(mp3 / 224 kbps / 43 minutes / 70 mb / direct download)

the completely different german version can be found on kraut mask replica.

foto: wolfgang wiggers:


Anonymous said...

thanks for this wonderful gem. is it true that jurgen gleues guitar had only 5 strings and a special tuning? and can you post something from the wonderful leibfried loch?

Anonymous said...

yes please! anything from the black vial!? i still need his old swamp room 7"ers & his lp's digitized. be so kind? i bet there's more i don't know bout. you could save a soul here. thanks in advance