the fuzztones live in holland 1985.

yes: the fuzztones again. no-one here in this here blogspot-shareosphere seems to care about them: i offered and begged you to listen to the fuzztones live in nuremberg and live in hamburg, but you took nico and john cage instead. blissfully ignorant innocent clueless naive and unsuspecting followers of avantgarbage: we are heading for your heads again!

the five fuzztones toured europe in the late spring of 1985 and they conquered the dutch city of leiden in holland in the netherlands on the 3rd of may, one week before they succeeded in destroying germany: ira elliott (backing vocals, drums), michael jay (backing vocals, bass), rudi protrudi (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), elan portnoy (guitar) and the wonderful deb o' nair (backing vocals, organ) celebrated some days of grace before most of you were even born - it´s such a gamble when you get a face...

i would like to direct and to instruct you to listen to the following sounds to become a thrice blessed human being. gnosis, knowledge, awareness and perception do not care about what way you chose to reach them and the universe will always serve you well...

- she´s wicked
- 1-2-5
- the witch
- gotta get some
- journey to tyme
- we´re pretty quick
- love at psychedelic velocity
- 1523 blair
- bad little woman
- psychotick reaction

listen well-behaved and virtuously. the next post might include some merzbow.

the fuzztones live in leiden 1985-05-03
mp3 / 256 kbps /30 minutes / 57 mb

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Anonymous said...

Fuzztones, Fuzztones, Fuzztones, Fuzztones, I want more, I want more, I want more, IWM....!

bruno said...

thanks a lot!