the fuzztones live in hamburg 1985.

...and the fuzztones again: two days later. you might have heared the fuzztones live in nuremberg on the 10th of may 1985 in a previous post; now it is sunday the 12th of may and the same five people hit the logo stage in hamburg to execute a completely different programme with only very few interferences. only some 45 minutes of this concert did survive on an almost mono third dimengenerational semper lo-fi recording to testify and verify some glorious moments of these our fabulous five: ira elliott (backing vocals, drums), michael jay (backing vocals, bass), rudi protrudi (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), elan portnoy (guitar) and the wonderful deb o' nair (backing vocals, organ).

unfortunately the following track-list is afflicted with some omittances as i can not remember the titles of all 17 tracks correctly and i was way too lazy to search out their back-catalogued releases. if you can help: please leave a comment... aaaand: a few days ago wenne and myself found out more about the track-list: only number eight is still missing: please help!

01 - intro
02 - cinderella (the sonics)
03 - bad news travels fast
04 - voices green and purple (the bees)
05 - blackout of gretely (the gonn)
06 - you ain´t no friend of mine (the sparkles; though this version is rather close to the swamp rats)
07 - louie go home (paul revere and the raiders)
08 - ???
09 - she´s wicked
10 - brand new car
11 - 99th floor (moving sidewalks)
12 - gotta get some (the bold; 1966 original version: direct download for your pleasure))
13 - journey to tyme (kenny and the casuals)
14 - 7 and seven is (love)
15 - we´re pretty quick (the chob)
16 - love at psychedelic velocity (the human expression)
17 - psychotic reaction (count five; faded out...)

the fuzztones live in hamburg 1985-05-12
(mp3 / 224 kbps / 80 mb / direct download)


Anonymous said...

Ich brauche mehr Fuzzzzzzztonezzzzzzz pleaZe!

RYP said...

Track 8 ist "As Times Gone" von der "Bad News Travels Fast" 12'EP!

Anonymous said...

Hi mate,

Is it possible to have a new link?

4Shared & Megaupload are not active...

Thanks for your posts, there are nice tape recordings...


rvd said...

fuzztones live in hamburg 1985 is available again. thank you for your patience.

Anonymous said...


1.000.000 thanks for the link, i'm a long time fan of Fuzztones.

I use to visit your blog and i always find very interesting things.

If can i help you in anithing i leave my mail...


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