nico. abschied. a sonic treasure.

nico will always hurt you. and hunt you. and release you.

foto: ar/gee gleim cologne 1986
here is your copy of the nico cd "abschied", a german bootleg that was released in 1993 both as 12"-vinyl (with 13 tracks) and cd with some additional tracks including songs with kevin ayers, john cale and lutz ulbrich of agitation free. in the meantime most of these versions might be rather familiar to you but they were a sonic treasure 15 years ago. and no: you can never have "too much nico" in your collection...

01 - ghengis khan (drama final mix)
02 - saeta (single 1981)
03 - one more chance (drama final mix)
04 - the sphinx (drama final mix)
05 - irreversible neural damage (with kevin ayers 1974)
06 - orly flight (drama final mix)
07 - la notte delle fiable (with doubling riders)
08 - new york (live in new york 1981-08-12)
09 - child´s christmas in wales (live with john cale 1979-06-16 n.y.)
10 - purple lips (+ interview 1975-04-26 french tv)
11 - saeta (john peel session 1981-09)
12 - henry hudson (drama final mix)
13 - 60/40 (drama final mix)
14 - reich der träume (with lutz "lüül" ulbrich 1981)
15 - vegas (single 1981)
16 - your kisses burn (with mark almond 1988)
17 - procession (live in bremen 1987-11-05)
18 - (war famine and pestilence)

mp3 /224 kbps / 120 mb
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Rod... said...

...brilliant! I love Nico... thanks!

o- said...

precious !

parabells said...

i got this on lp at waterloo records here in austin many moons ago.what a strong version of a childs christmas! check out my blog "neglected stairways" for the mono mix of chelsea girls etc.
love, Gunnar.

Anonymous said...

GREAT - not more nor less

Thank you for your and the result: a really great blog

de Quito: karo

Anonymous said...

GREAT - not more nor less

Thank you for your WORK (I forgot the most important word...) and the result: a really great blog

de Quito: karo

LOLA said...

I love Nico. My favorite. She is unlike any other.

Vielen Dank!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! I love Nico, she's amazing.

horizontalhold said...

Thanks! Incredible collection of tracks/versions. Just ordered the vinyl version.

morimunda said...

Thank you for sharing this! "Reich Der Träume" is such a beautiful song. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this awesome CD, I love Nico so much !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I love Nico and this I havent heard/seen!

Martin said...

I kind of remember a rarities compilation I once found online;it had a Neuronium track with some Nico vocals:must be this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVdQvFeECdU

Anonymous said...

Hi, would it be possible to provide a new download link? Thanks in advance!

rvd said...

nico and her abschied is back again.