vielleichtors live in tübingen 1982: german art punk tribal improvisation

last night i was digging in my cemetery and up came a tape all black and hairy. no cover, no label and drunkwritten on it "volk ohne raum" and "vielleichtors". the first mentioned band were an anti-imp(erialist) anti-fa(scist) noise unit (three women and one or two men only hardly tolerated) that used to issue baader-meinhof-proclamations whilst destroying unrehearsed pop-anthems (imagine an acoustic nihilist spasm band shrieking and voiciferating 23 pages of kropotkin theoremata and you might get half of the picture). "volk ohne raum" were definitely not on stage that evening: they can be heared disturbing and destroying the recording i tried to take from one of only very very few concerts the vielleichtors ever played. thank you christine, dagmar and hilde for a very strange re-version.

the (die) vielleichtors actually were a band from düsseldorf in north- /rhine-westfalia in germany. they were markus oehlen (brother of the slightly more famous painter albert, who could not play the drums like this) on (you guess:) drums, who was part of mittagspause before and had a minor hit with "beer is enough" later on, berthold locke on guitars and gunther tuzina on saxophones (some other artists may have been in nor out but memory tends to swift aways). they had only very few recordings released in 1981 and 1982 and their best known song "bring deinen körper auf die party" was a xao-fake the three of them authorised with a grin.

what you are about to enjoy now is a live recording of a performance in tübingen probably way back in 1982 that i recorded on a pseudo-mono tape recorder (though i can not remember all too much of that evening...) in room #3 of the students´ clubhouse. as i mentioned before some live overdubs were performed by the ladies of "volk ohne raum" for the better of the worth. for the chosen few that might stay the course i added three untitled instrumental recordings (mixed as one) the vielleichtors executed in the rondo-cellar in 1981. one franz bielmeier (ach so ja: falls ich die single von peter laughner in meinen archivtrümmerhäufungen je wiederfinden sollte: gehört sie natürlich dir: herr biermeier!) provided me with these tracks (thank you! aka ta!!!) and they are part of his subversive guerilla tactics getting the world ready for a 23-cd-box of mittagspause and rondo related music. have fun and stay tuned.

|>> vielleichtors - live in tübingen 1982 (53 minutes) and three rehearsal room recordings (5 minutes)
(mp3 / 224 kbps / 96 mb)

alternate download
alternate download

and and and and: bonustracks sans end: bielmeier, daf, mittagspause, mittagspause, sturclub, bielmeier.


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