helden. just for one day. post-punk prae-insignificance: tübingen 1978-1984.

in the early eighties of the last century the southwestgerman university of tübingen was the centre of young noise and pop activists (with purple flashes) occupying capital equipment and ignoring outdated factors of production an distribution. they used punk and avantgarage to attack the rotten system and to attack even more eagerly the even more rotten music industry. the new music was almost exclusively published on hand-copied compact-cassettes with xeroxed covers: fast, cheap and subversive. in january 1984 the battle was won and one handke hesselbach compiled a nostalgic retrospection of most of the fighting units involved: 90 minutes of mayhem, peace and outstanding. funny.

some of these bands became almost popular in their part of the backyard, some of them are still around refusing to get boring or bored and most of them have vanished into obscurity. some information survived and can be accessed and complemented at our wiki. and the rest is up to you.

side A:

- attraktiv und preiswert - durchhalten (excerpt from the lp "konsumierbar ist alles")
- name - dr. sommer (from their 7" vinyl)
- anabiose - raus
- anschlag - shadow
- how high the moon - etüde für vorwerk und selmer
- zauber der musik - ich will keine schokolade
- bermuda dreieck - der grüne zweig
- abc - liebe muss sein
- schöne bescherung - legal-illegal-scheissegal
- gäste aus ungarn - ich kündige
- moralische endrüstung - eva braun ("eva eva braun liebte einfach fantastisch": a wonderful wooden reason for every hippie to hate this band: autofick of course claimed this song and mentioned some other famous girls like loki schmidt or deborah harry being wonderful lovers: oh, good times we had...)
- der künftige musikant - es ist kalt
- le marquis - lieder
- autofick - autofick
- zimt - the leitmotiv
- familie hesselbach - froh-zu-sein-medley

download side A
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 90 mb /45:00 / direct download)

side B:

- kgb - flaschenpost
- professor sauerbruch und das krankenhaus am rande der stadt - zwangsernährung
- frauen und technik - coca cola
- ndl - wir sind die beatles von morgen
- mobile liebe - das ende tübingens
- tassili expedition - vor dem aufbruch
- jalta und die teilung europas - kolonnen
- die alten - mitternacht
- urbi et orbi - der präsident
- luigi nicoletti - küss mich
- handke hesselbach - calais
- z-haft - achmed
- caruso - casio, mon amour (mondenschein)
- die sache - quand je te vois
- die maschinisten - subway
- plan z -die stimmen

download side B
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 87 mb /45:00 / direct download)

the german version of this song can be found in two parts on kraut mask replica: please visit io++045 (side one) and io++053 (side two) for some fallacious discourse. more information on some of the artists included can be found in the sturclub-wiki.

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