the leather nun. live in stuttgart 1986.

the leather nun aka lädernunnan are/were a swedish rock/rock unit obviously and literally inspired through/by smoothtight velvet underground paranoia and pop-coum throbbing gristle. when they started in 1979 they were branded as being industrial noise, but later-on the light shone through. on the 19th ov october 1986 they dis-appeared in stuttgart like this:

(intro. prime mover. i´m alive. that´s what it´s like. nnn. bad as bad can be. fly angels fly. ffa. i can smell your thoughts. desolation avenue. slow death.)

the leather nun live 1986-10-19 stuttgart germany
(58:30 / 224 kbps / 96 mb / direct download)


Azbest said...
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Azbest said...

Nice stuff, also thanks for links to my blog. I'm really appreciate it.

ellanios said...

crazy . I was there. Rorhe

Anonymous said...

and i cant remember :D
i remember the swans though