das furlines. live 1986. it's nun time!!

in 1985 the wonderful deb o'nair left the fuzztones for better, worse and das furlines. the name of this all-girls neo-polka kraut-punk band obviously is a permutation of the german word "fräulein" and sometimes is spelled "das furlines" or "das fürleins" or even "das furline". and nobody knows if it really happened...

das furlines most of the time were wendy wild - lead vocals, banjo, guitar; the wonderful deb "krautheim" o'nair - vox organ, vocals, accordian; holly hemlock - guitar, vocals; liz luv - bass; rachel "schnitzel" amodeo - drums. they came to be on the up and up of the first monks album and they changed it for the worthst. their own composition "oh tannenbaum-baum" is still one of my most favourite x-mess chorals.

unfortunately das furlines were lost in tyme and only very few information is available on the www. at least two videos survived on youtube and the east village sound gallery made available two of their recordings (grab them!!) and digging deeper might unearth some true treasure troves...

but now for today: a private nice hell came into my house on a second generation cd-r copy of a dusted tape including an erraneous tracklist and no cover: the das furlines live in toronto on the 5th of june 1986. some idiot edited this seamless concert recording down to 18 single tracks each fading in and fading out again: but nevermind the noise will recompensate. here we go:

01 - soundcheck (we do / boys are boys / das furline) 6:16
02 - we do 2:00
03 - complication 2:47
04 - boys are boys 2:13
05 - foghorn 4:00
06 - sleepy maria 3:23
07 - higgle-dy-piggle-dy 2:32
08 - das furline theme 4:04
09 - we do 1:53
10 - nix nein frankenstein 2:43
11 - woodpecker 2:43
12 - call me 3:21
13 - higgle-dy-piggle-dy 2:15
14 - oh how to do now 3:14
15 - honk and hollows 4:33
16 - higgle-da-!! 2:17
17 - monks blues theme 2:30
18 - ffoghhorn 3:40

(most tracks written by the monks, some tracks written by the nuns)

das furlines live 1986
(mp3 / 224 kbps / 93 mb / .rar )

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more fuzztones can be found in this here blog. please follow the label/tag or scroll. and one of their videos can be found on blank screan.

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