tape art sampler germany 1982 with merzbow and unholy huns

yes: this tape art sampler was called "tape art sampler". in august 1982 one dieter heyer (got lost in the process of growing old) compiled this tape of harsh internatyonal noise: handwritten on xerox, stencilled and scribbled an edition of some 20 copies was given away to friends and relatives. and though most of these tapes absconded into obscurity the black hole of my amorphic random collection spit it out again: some really w.e.i.r.d. germanic noise incorporating an unknown and un-named merzbow track no body ever had heard of. i thought you might like to know...

this is what you get:

tape art project a1:

1 - ovauk / koturin gröfaz
2 - herr byanz (16 jahre)
3 - mz IV - mikrophon
4 - paula j. jesgarz
5 - zuma delacroix
6 - barbie puppets
greater britain
7 - s/w
england / germany
8 - a.z.m.

tape art project b2:

1 - mz IV - unterricht a2
2 - masami akati merzbow
3 - herr byanz (16 jahre)
4 - mz IV - tape 03

download side one a1
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 25 minutes / 48 mb)

download side two b2
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 19 minutes / 36 mb)

these are direct downloads from my german kraut mask replica podcast; additional information on a1 and b2 can be found there. have fun.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i download some krautrock album from your side. i want to say thank you for this wondereful and rare stuff from a great area of german music. most of the songs i never heard before an i'm totally nocked out;-) thank you, lg, m