albrecht/d. and again and again and endless satori instant nirvana.

searching the web and the blogs i noticed that people were eagerly searching for some sonic incidences of albrecht/d. and the 39 clocks (they never met, though). some re- and aspects of both might be found in this-here blog following the appropriate label-tags. or to make things even more easier again and again and again: here is some albrecht/d. for your pleasure: (more 39 clocks can be found in the posts beyond)

albrecht/d. was born in 1944, lives in stuttgart/germany since 1958 and acts like an artist since 1966. he worked and performed with beuys, throbbing gristle, vostell, paik, saree and many more.

in 1982 albrecht/d. answered my answering machine: he executed four short (and totally different) tracks over the phone. these tracks are completely unknown to most people as they were hidden on an untitled tape in my collection until yesterday. the complete tape with some 30 minutes of stuttgart underground noise found on my telephone answering machine in 1981 and 1982 can be found in my (mostly german) blog kraut mask replica.

(mp3 / 6 mb / direct download)

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