the 39 clocks live in hamburg 1983. feed your head, please.

no pictures: no. nothing. in the city the 39 clocks always were wearing disguises; their refrigerator was occupied by three or four bottles of stiff scotch and some used disposable syringes. no pictures: no. nothing. no trouth. no lys. the 39 clocks always beat. lie beat drown beat psycho beat. some of their music survived. some how some where. here is some more. to find some links, exploiration and guydance please follow the appropriare tag/label in this-here blog (more 39 clocks, exit out live, cocoon and no pictures: no. nothing.)

1983.03.25. germany, hamburg, markthalle. the 39 clocks executed a live performance supporting the "die toten hosen", a rather well-known german fun-punk band in those times. though the audience was eagerly waiting for the main act the 39 clocks acted rather relaxed and unwound: their first three songs lasted more than 20 minutes. and they were loud: yes: loud: and i mean: loud. there was no chance to hear the audience chanting "totenhosen, totenhosen!" and the 39 clocks refused to stop. when the engineer turned down the volume they started to get a little bit more agressive and booted out a 53rd and 3rd version of DNS (DNA for the CSI) and some more. almost 60 minutes art for idiots: debunk, debunk, debunk and no pictures: no. nothing.

wir hören also ungefähr folgendes:

- 39 progress
- three floors down
- (forgot the title)
- silent activity
- shake the hippie
- virtuous girl
- satin boots
- crime appeal
- (power cut)
- psychotic louie louie
- (some totenhosen for nothing)

|>> the 39 clocks - hamburg markthalle 25.03.1983
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 60 minutes / direct download)


lepoupee said...

amazing. thanks so much for posting! trying to find the album with head of violence.

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