hans-a-plast live in berlin 1979. more german punk back from the graves with purple flashes.

germany felt dreary, muddy and mirthless in those days. the only benefit you could expect from the government was a free licence to commit simultaneous suicide. the hippies had taken with them all hope for a better world into some obscure hermeneutic post-stalin circles. and we had fun dancing on all these graves. and though we were foe to all and everyone we hated the nazis most of course.

in september 1979 berlin experienced three days of love and hate: the artists and the audience of the first militant anti-fascist festival took a firm stand against swastika idiots and legal repression. some of the music can be found in an earlier post in may 2008 and in the previous text about ST42. and here is some more.
hans-a-plast were three girls and two boys living in the lower-saxony metropolis of hannover, home of kurt schwitters and the 39 clocks. though their music was the antetypus of angry young student pub rock we had decided to dance pogo to their tunes anyway. they were likeable, amiable and had a heart or five. bettina schröder (drums), micha polten (guitar), jens meyer (guitar), renate baumgart (bass) and annette benjamin (vocals) later became rather popular in germany; here you can hear them a few weeks before the release of their first eponymous longplay album. hau ab:

- intro berlin
- hau ab du stinkst
- es brennt (tanz auf dem vulkan)
- rock 'n' roll freitag

|>> hans-a-plast 1979 live in berlin
(12 minutes / mp3 / 256 kbps / 25 mb / direct download)

photos: ar/gee gleim

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