joel futtermann, jimmy lyons, robert adkins. in-between-position(s). 1982.

though joel futtermann, jimmy lyons and robert adkins of course are not the first three names you would think of when it gets to the points of free jazz they had and have their respective merits not to be forgotten. joel futtermann (piano) is one of a few improvising musicians who succeeded to extrapolate the obvious influence of cecil taylor and jimmy lyons (alto saxophone) is well remembered as part of the cecil taylor unit. robert adkins (drums) though has left only very few traces in history until now apart of course from playing drums with joel futtermann since 1974.

in-between-position(s) is a trio in eight movements recorded live in virginia the 13th of may 1982. and though loosely based on eight different concepts this is one seamless track ending much too early after 67 wonderful minutes. the cd seems to be unavailable by the time being; i found mine on a rummage table in karlsruhe or stuttgart. for some other recordings of this-here trio and of the individual musicians you might like to visit ayler or silkheart.

here we go:

joel futtermann, jimmy lyons, robert adkins. in-between-position(s). 1982.
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 67 minutes / 127 mb / direct download)

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1009 said...

Thanks! I haven't heard of this but I'll give anything with Jimmy Lyons a spin.

Rod Warner said...

... never knew about this - wild stuff! Thanks!

lc said...

great stuff!
thanks for pointing it out in such a gracious manner!

serviceton said...

as per 1009's comment on Lyons - agreed.
For me, Futterman ditto.
25 minutes in as I type - it's great!
perhaps not your 'usual thing' for the blog - but so great that you put it up

SOTISE said...

belated thanks from me too RVD!