kim fowley and metabolismus. stranded in stuttgart. resurrection 1992.

as i told you in the previous post kim fowley had to escape to a berlin hotel room after he had been casted off the stage in 1992. the brave people of the stuttgart psychonaughts metabolismus there and then helped him through the night whilst smashing their guitars following kim fowley moaning and ranting on and about immanent inconsistancy. yes: fun they had and fun they passed over to a declining world: listen to the tape again and again...

only two or three years later (that is two or three days in the loitered minds of metabolismus) back in stuttgart the brave people of metabolismus decided to release at least some sounds of that improvisational night on vinyl. ten minutes were chosen for the chosen few to be processed and carried forward; some appropriate sounds were added and the proceedings got tough and delivered a hit single. and no body noticed.

and though stranded in stuttgart mainly was a kim fowley and metabolismus artefact two members of the living room avantgarde band sturclub held their protective hands on, over and about the project: when you look close enough at the inlay sheet you will find werner voran who did a lot to the mix and myself contributing a lot of sounds that can be found in my record collection. and we are very proud of ourselves.

(click to enlarge)

and now the moment you have all been waiting for: the 7" you forgot or even worse never owned: kim fowley and metabolismus stranded in stuttgart.

listen to:

- stranded in stuttgart
- man and woman fighting
- wonderful, dangerous, confusing...


kim fowley and metabolismus stranded in stuttgart
(mp3 / 10 minutes / 320 kbps / 25 mb / direct download)


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