the rutles 1978 rehearsal room recordings. at least some of them. not all too rare.

oh, dear. here is another find i made in the shallowness of my computer: 14 tracks the rutles probably recorded in a rehearsal room situation in 1978. but as i am not a dedicated collector nor an archaeologist of their work (all their recordings i own came to me by chance) i can not tell you whether these tracks are commonly known by everybody or if they are rare in any way. anyway: i love them.

in november 2001 i found these recordings on the now-defunct www.pythonet.org in exactly the same condition as i am going to be sharing them with you here and right now. in 1978 the rutles recorded a pseudo demo bootleg session to take the piss out of all the annoying beatles bootlegs circulating in those times and these artefacts seem to have been part of that. it was fun, it was easy, it was cheap.
in the rar-file you will find the rutles performing number one, i must be in love, blue suede schubert, double back alley, left you, love life, living in hope, natural, goose step mama, looking good, good times roll, get up and go and between us in random order: all tracks compressed to mp3 at 160 kbps. a decided history of these tracks is very welcome in the comments.

the rutles - 1978 rehearsal
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mooseontheloose said...

Many thanks for posting this. I have a cassette of it from many years ago [which is probably from the same source] but never got round to transferring it to digital. And now, of course, I don't have a working cassette deck anyway.

Regarding the history of this recording, the important point is that, whilst Neil Innes [Ron Nasty], drummer John Halsey [Barry Wom] and Ricky Fataar [Stig O'Hara] are playing, Eric Idle [Dirk McQuickley] isn't.

The lead guitar on these sessions, and on the album soundtrack, is Ollie Halsall. He also provided 'Dirk McQuickley's vocals [slightly speeded up].

More info on this remarkable musician at www.olliehalsall.co.uk

Anonymous said...

Please reupp the Rutles, please