john stevens, paul rutherford, evan parker, barry guy, roger smith, nigel coombes: 1979 and 1992.

only as recently as the other day the inconstant sol from next-door offered some wonderful john stevens music and i thought it would be appropriate to add some more to express my gratitude. and for the initiated of course: this is the second appearance of rare john stevens sounds in this-here blog: scroll down to find him exploring the blues with dick heckstall-smith of all people.

these recordings were released in 1994 on the berlin konnex label and are not longer available through their shop. (though you still can find some john stevens works including the sme big band and quintet from 1971 and 1975 at a ridiculous low price: highly recommended!)

the cd "4,4,4," offers five tracks played by the quartet of evan parker, paul rutherford, barry guy and john stevens recorded in 1979; concentractive, focussed and stripped down. track number six is the last recording of the "small" spontaneous music ensemble including roger smith, nigel coombes and john stevens: 23 minutes of organically and subliminally free improvisation recorded in 1992.
what more can you ask for? thom jurek wrote an exalted review of these recordings for the all music guide; detailed information on all artists involved can be found within the european free improvisation pages curated by peter stubley.

here we go:

john stevens, paul rutherford, evan parker, barry guy, roger smith, nigel coombes: 4,4,4,

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kinabalu said...

Nice one. Very much appreciated!

1009 said...

Thanks a lot for posting this. It was one with which I was not familiar. I love these fellows, but I can't understand why certain incarnations don't appear under the Spontaneous Music Ensemble name. EP, PR, & BG were all at various times members of the SME & have appeared on their recordings, but this isn't the SME? Same goes for the *Dynamics of the Impromptu* (which is awesome, btw), wch features Derek Bailey, Trevor Watts, & John Stevens. All SME members, sounds like SME, but appears under the names of the individual musicians. Is there a logic here I'm not seeing/hearing?

That's just a quibble, of course, as the music is fine no matter the label that gets stuck on it for marketing purposes.

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Art of Peace Collective said...

Cool beans! Thanks