garten der verschlungenen pfade: berlin 1999. heart brut.

snapshooting the state of harsh art and neu noise in 1999. in berlin the neue berliner initiative ran a test area to explore and improve the heritage of old school industrial music extrapoloiting into the 21st century: der garten der verschlungenen pfade / the garden of forking paths. only weeks before these proving grounds were closed they released this compilation of performances that outcame in the course of a one year quest. some of these artists are gone for good, some are still here for better. listen to kein babel, sudden infant, miwon, das synthetische mischgewebe, column one, nomex, tea?mr.x, traveler, marc wannabe, luxury discreet surroundings II, multipara and sniper: some continuative information can be found on discogs. time for ruction!

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(mp3, 256 kbps, 140 mb; correct sequence of tracks)

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