zoned: the 39 clocks strike back and force: pain it dark.

aaahh, come on: NO! you can not download these two albums here. and far from it and beyond that thought i would like to encourage you not trying to find the music shared as files somewhere else in this=here blogosphere but simply to buy these two brand new cd albums: ask your local independent retailer or your favourite mailorder or amazon for heathensake. but please in this special case do not download this music for free but support the artists. please.

the 39 clocks: the spearhead of the northwestgerman psycho beat in the early eighties of the last century of the last chiliad. mij, frost, tim hardin, prae-kraut, kim fowley, sky saxon, doug yule, the warlocks, richard berry, karlheinz stockhausen, mike rogers, the velvet illusions, bobby beausoleil, helmut salzinger and mike ratledge: distilled and bottled to syringes. if you have never heard any of their music: please follow the according tag / link in this=here weblog. instant satori guaranteed. the 39 clocks.

between 1980 and 1987 the 39 clocks released four albums, a sawmill hand of singles and contributed exclusive tracks to two compilations. in 1993 a sortofbestof-cd saw the lights of the cut-out bins; followed by negligible passing mentions. these=here two new albums are the first official releases on cd within years and (uumhh yaahnmm) you should please by way of exception buy and not copydownload them. having said that that: here is more and why:

zoned. a compilation of 39 clocks tracks in reverse chronological order released by de stijl records early this year. starting off in 1987 with some exiguous undertones, dissipating more weightily and vitally until you bang your head carecassening to DNS with nixon in a bomber plane. all hits hit you. here. great. and ahm: buy!

pain it dark. 1981: the first album: a horror trip: ferrocious: celestennial: fragmental diseasiations: cosily cozily german angst: bambule swaying: arris in array: until you bang your head carecassening to DNS with nixon in a conciliable bomber plane: lie dancing. my-lai dancing. (plus surplus baby: a waytooshort rehearsal room fragment from 1978) so: ahmm: visit bureau-b and please buy.

yes: yesyes: please buy these albums and support jürgen gleue and christian henjes. so simple: these releases are completely and deliberately legal and blessed by the artists: please buy these albums and bankroll what ever JG and CH like to stick up their noses: i told you once and i will tell you twice: buy zoned visiting de stijl and buy pain it dark browsing the catalogue of bureau-b.

aaaaahhhhmmmm. two new albums: two new 39 clocks albums: on cd. quite a sensation. yes: i love them. but this=here blog can and will of course not stop at this point: here is some more: there is always more: in 1984 one emilio winschetti dug deep into the hannover underground for the release of the compilation tape von mir aus... and unearthed a track the 39 clocks and the world and tyme forgot: probably recorded in 1982 the 39 clocks were part of that compilation using their nom de guerre alice dee: what more can i say?: here they are:

alice dee - call of war

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I love these guys. Like to play them on my radio show.