brötzmann, van hove, bennink. live in east berlin on the first of november 1974.

on saturday the second of november 1974 the trio of peter brötzmann (saxophones etc), fred van hove (piano) and han bennink (drums & devices) appeared at the total music meeting at the quartier latin in west berlin headlining together with michel waisvisz, hans reichel and the globe city orchestra. as far as i know no recordings of this event survived but a cd-r credited to "the peter brötzmann trio" from the previous day is circulating amidst heartcore collectors: and though it is not ultimately proven the trio you are about to hear playing live in east berlin on the first of november 1974 most likely was the eponymous trio of brötzmann / van hove / bennink and not "the peter brötzmann trio". and by the way: at the same time brötzmann /van hove / bennink played in east berlin on the first of november 1974 derek bailey, paul rutherford and the globe city orchestra appeared at the total music meeting in west berlin. what a night!

unfortunately the copy of the cd-r i got hold of did not include a cover, a tracklist or any additional information and some tracks / cuts / indices are weird. but the music is wonderful: just eight nameless improvisations most likely executed by brötzmann / van hove / bennink.

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1009 said...

Thanks -- I love it when these things show up!

Anonymous said...

"please enjoy..." of course !!!
million thanks!

Anonymous said...

amazing concert!!!
Thanksss Alan

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Jean - Michel said...

this recording is excellent . But the best music from this period of the trio ( 1974) is on the two albums Outspan One & Outspan Zwei ( respectively FMP 0180 and FMP 0220) . Unfortunately these albums are not reissued ans it is a shame because there is Fred Van Hove playing on a GRAND piano which is not the case with 1971 Berlin Concerts re-issued in double CD by FMP.
Also the writer is referring to the " Globe City Orchestra" . It is actually the Globe Unity Orchestra , a very rare band of its kind.
so all best j-m

Another great a

rvd said...

dear j-m. though i might have produced a rather painful impression: i never actually noticed that i got the name wrong and of course you are right, thank you: globe unity, globe unity, globe unity orchestra!!

all the best: ralf

Anonymous said...

I have a very old cassette with these recordings and approximately the same running time but with 6 titles:

1. Schwarzspecht
2. Mammutzahn
3. Filet Americaine
4. Boogie Für Freddy
5. Serienze Serie
6. Involved

I don't know where I got the recordings (Radio or LP?)


Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Any chance of a re-post?

rvd said...

broetzmann / van hove / bennink live in east berlin 1974 is back up and here again for your pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, you made my day!