can. the spoon variations. 1971. crime scene soundtrack recordings.

in 1971 francis durbridge shot the crime thriller "das messer" for german television and he invited can to contribute some improvised music to the soundtrack. scaffolding their hit-single spoon analyzed and treatized the sounds they saw and captured the score. you can hear 20 minutes of sound recorded directly from 70s television to an old reel-to-reel to my heartdrive: unfortunately too few things survive.

|>> can - spoon


Anonymous said...

Thanks much, nice work. I'm increasingly drawn to such imperfect artifacts of history & personal memory, those obscure attempts we all make to preserve our own special pieces of the ever-disappearing past. In such cases, the imperfections latent in our (unprofessional) efforts often turn out to be as endearing & significant as the material itself. Enjoying your blog in that spirit very much!

Kevin MacNutt said...

Wow, I can imagine that the full version would be much like Halleluwah in length given all the variations on a theme. I would love it if that version could see the light of day.

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