sonic youth live in bremen 1991. the mira tapes.

sonic youth. the mira tapes. live at the aladin in bremen on the 27th of august 1991. this cd seems to be the bootleg version of the half-official live in bremen album, recorded from a different position in the room and with a slightly different tracklist. as both albums are unavailable by the time being these sounds might add an interesting aspect and facet to the history of sonic youth music for any heartcore collector.
listen to:
song for karen (tunic)
dirty boots
chapel hill north carolina
i love her all the time
mary christ
kool thing
express way (for patti smith)
spot'ssz christ?!
sonic youth live in bremen 1991-08-27
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 95 mb)

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pinkpressthreat said...

Forgot to thank you awhile back for this one too..cheers!

The Bomber said...

This sounds great, never listened it before, any chance of a re up job of this mate ?

If possible...thanks a lot !

rvd said...

dear bomber: the mira tapes will be up again in a few minutes. thank you for reporting the broken link.

The Bomber said...

rvd, ich danke Ihnen sehr. Sehr schön.

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