amon düül 2. eternal flashback.

sixtyseven minutes of rare, obscure and sometimes unidentifiable amon düül 2 sounds mixed into one long track for whatever reason: in 1996 captain trip released this mash-up collage of odds and ends as a free give-away and it is long since out of print. no further information was included except for the foretelling adumbration that some of this material originated from some embryonic ur-düül in 1967 while most of the rest were said to be alternate takes of classic düül sounds mixed with some re-recordings. and this is exactly what you get: no defining idea or clue but sixtyseven minute of sometimes awkward mostly great and at least interesting music. irritating versions of kanaan, between the eyes, phallus dei, some bavarian folk music and a short reminder of singvögel rückwärts. very strange indeed and not the kind of music you would use to convince and persuade newbies to love amon düül 2. but for the deadicated heartcore fan this is pure gold!
amon düül 2 - eternal flashback
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 130 mb / direct download)

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Great find! Thanks!