the beach boys. pet sound rehearsals. 1966.

some of you might think that the beach boys were clean, glossy and smooth: but in 1966 they were not. they were horrible, bothersome, proto-industrial and a lot of fun. before they released their eleventh album pet sounds in 1966 they executed some at least interesting noise in their rehearsal room and you can hear dolce notes gone wrong, wrong takes, wrong breaks, wrong, wrong, wrong. and false. great.

the heart of this album is about half an hour of i just wasn't made for these times featuring harpsichord, theremin, harmonica, four saxophones and brian wilson singing while directing about twenty musicians. minimalistic caterwauling discipline, a longanimous patient breakdown and a meditational freak-in. wounderful.

the pet sounds rehearsals
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 100 mb / scans included / download with multiupload)

this album by the way is a sister in crime to the 1983 charles manson recordings live in san quentin, that you may find next door at freemusic07 and nova express.

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Karl Pach said...

huhu, kann ich von der beach boys eine unkomprimierte kopie haben, vielleicht gegrabt oder so? aloha from aachen