bis zum bitteren ende! - german experimental new wave punk 1979

bis zum bitteren ende! until it better ends! (sic!) no, wait. punk had just imploded in 1979 when some german kids - grown and fed up with histler, coke and kraut - loitered around later on and littered about and away all ways. they botchered and banglered their instruments and their language trying to ignore and hand down all traditional lies. this was funny, this was easy, this was cheap. and they did it. idiosyncratic noise against the masse mensch pored into the weltinnenraum. konzept! übergang! blitzcreek!

walter's lust was a frankfurt based diy-label for diy-noise. the medium was tedium or te deum and the medium at hand was the compact cassette: fast and free for all. this=here compilation "bis zum bitteren ende" was released on a no name mc and came with a xeroxed cover and tracklist: and though walter pretended to care about copyrights everyone was implicitily invited to copy the sheet and the music. some of those involved are forgotten by now, some are still around.

samler (sic! again!) hailed from kassel to nowhere. their first (and only?) 7"-record can be heard deep inside of this blog. the dildos unfortunately left no further traces. der plan formerly known as weltaufstandsplan does not need any further introduction. here they are with the later daf-employee wolfgang spelmans on guitar. diffusion as far as i remember them were situated in mainz. letzter tango are completely unknown to me, but there are some hints that they might have been walter's own band in frankfurt. radierer of course were part of the limburger pest including wirtschaftswunder and silhouettes. wunder der osmose released some tapes way back in these wonderful (sic!) times and P.D. of course pretty soon mutated into P16D4 and everything you know about ralf wehowsky.

now listen to side one of this cassette compilation:

samler - wrong way
the dildos - (???)
the dildos - (???)
der plan - ein stück
diffusion - plastik
letzter tango - (???)
letzter tango - (???)
letzter tango - recht und ordnung in ffm
radierer - (???)

and now download side one of this cassette compilation.
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are you still there?
now listen to side two of this cassette compilation:

wunder der osmose - (???)
wunder der osmose - der popper von der heide
der plan - hans und gabi
der plan - walzer
P.D. - zurück zum beton (S.Y.P.H. 1978)
P.D. - alltag
radierer - drogentod

and now download side two of this cassette compilation.
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