european free improvisation: some more information about the acting catalyzer john stevens for your pleasure

to not be overvaluing the 60spunksongs too much here is a bit of european free improvisation you might not have heard of until now. in 1964 john stevens was the drummer for the carefrees ("...we love you beatles / oh yes we do...") and in 1965 he sat in for jack bruce ("...getting tired of drinking and gambling...") only to be starting to commit a new approach to "music" and sounds.

synchronostically john stevens continued to explore strange / foreign / weird regions of interacting improvisation: bobby bradford, derek bailey, trevor watts, john lennon, steve beresford, evan parker, dick heckstall-smith, john martyn, julie driscoll and many more took part in this exterritorializing hissherstory tour. new difficult music was created every other day.

(to find out more and more please visit the home of european free improvisation and follow john stevens on and within the musicians and groups index)

and now for today here is a wonderful album john stevens (on drums) recorded with allan holdsworth on guitar, ron mathewson on bass and jeff young on piano on the 19th of may 1977 (aerated with a non-involved recording from september 1977) - not all too completely improvised and not to harm the average listener. (allan holdsworth by the way mentions these recordings in his discography in the section "stuff i recorded but wish i had not" / you will have to scroll down a little bit)

touching on with one long additional track was only released in germany on the berlin konnex label in 1990 and got lost ever since.

(direct download / 320 kbps /artwork included)


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wäre super, wenn ihr das in euerer linkliste aktualisieren könntet. dannke!


Anonymous said...

na also, geht doch... apropoops John Stevens: the flip of the mentioned Jack Bruce 45 "Getting Tired Of Drinking And Gambling" was "Rootin' Tootin'" and is part of Tommyknockers vol 3 (previous entry on this blog). Most probably it features Stevens too. Und, mein Bester: vor 2 Jahren hab ich dir die B-Seite von der Carefrees Single mal zum digitalisieren geminidisct. Schau mal, ob du das noch findest. Waere gut aufgehoben auf Tommy 4 oder 5. Cheers, Lolly

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