not wild - by no way beautiful - but the damned! (a promo for their 1988 reunion)

yeah! the damned! - when in 1988 the damned did not have to stick to a fucking contract they went out fucking live to fucking play their fucking music. ah, well. yes they did. they teamed up with some comrads they had perished before and went out on stage to fuckseliadize some of their elder hit sounds. the album final damnation was released in 1989 to an unwanting and unwaiting audience and to fucking promote the fucking album they released a poromo-cd featuring three essential songs of the concert (which by the way took place on the 13th of june 1988 in the town&country in london) and sent it out to everyone who did not ask for it. so here are three (3!) songs of the fucking album to just give you a fucking reason to get out of your fucking closets and to buy the entire album. - so that's it for now. if you miss any information go and fuuckle your beautiful selves.


Anonymous said...

i see... we ought to enlarge your vocabulary. guess you ought to post "The Trogg Tape" next.

The Bomber said...

Great ! wish I was there ! thanks for this one homey -

keep it up