nico: reich der träume (raritäten und konzerte teil 1; germany 2002)

i told you before: you can never have "too much nico" in your collection. and here is some more. a collection of rarities and live recordings released in germany way back in 2002. some of these sounds of course are familiar to all of us and are collecting dust deep down in the black holes of our record collections. and some of these sounds of course have never been heard by the majority of you fellow listeners. and all of these sounds of course will touch your heart.

(foto: argee/gleim; cologne 1986)

nico will always hurt you. and hunt you. and release you.

please visit reich der träume on discogs to get all the information provided with the release. additionally we all know that the original version of track one was released in 1981 on lüül by lutz ulbrich and tracks 13 and 14 probably are hailing from 1986. any guesses for track two?

reich der träume was part one of a series of nicompilations the german faust-label started in 2002. part two walpurgisnacht can be found here very soon. as a special bonus i added the ep nico versus trance groove for your pleasure: it includes track one of reich der träume and two different mixes of that track. so, why not?

reich der träume
(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)

nico versus trance groove
(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)


Le Sot said...

Wonderful, mille mercis et compliments.

naz oğuz said...

thank you!