jimi hendrix, john mclaughlin, dave holland, buddy miles, mitch mitchell: record plant jam 1968/1969

bitches brew in electric ladyland: i am not sure if miles davis and jimi hendrix ever met or even played some music together but of course they were an interpenetrative mutual inspiration to each other. in august 1969 john mclaughlin and dave holland were part of the session group that recorded bitches brew and only half a year earlier (on the 22nd of may as the cover suggests; other sources are claiming the 25th of march 1969) they met up with jimi hendrix and buddy miles at the record plant studios for the spontaneous combustion of an improvised jam session.

some of you might be familiar with these recordings as record plant jam has been bootlegged a few times before this cd - but can you really have enough or even too much hendrix in your collection? no. you can't. in addition to the pre-bitches-brew-recordings the cd offers a 1968 track featuring mitch mitchell on drums and jimi hendrix on guitar and sitar. beautiful. by the way: i re-arranged the running order of the cd that was completely messed up and so now you can listen to it without any vexation:

1) - driving south / jimi jam
2) - cactus / valleys of neptune
(jimi hendrix - guitar / john mclaughlin - guitar / dave holland - bass / buddy miles - drums / record plant studios / new york / 1969-05-22 or 1969-03-25)

3) - cherokee mist
(jimi hendrix - guitar and sitar / mitch mitchell - drums / record plant studios / new york / 1968-05-02)

record plant jam
(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download / scans included)


franz said...

:0 ich dachte, es gibt danny adler :(

jetzt weiss ich wieder, wieso mir ostern lieber ist.

aber auch dir wird wahres, gutes & schönes gewünscht!


Anonymous said...

Hallo Franz. Danny Adler hochladen? Muss ich erstmal mit dem godfather van daale verhandeln. ist ja nicht so ganz der sophistische stil des Hauses, aber vielleicht gerade deshalb bedenkenswert. ansonsten kann man sich auch ausserbloglich verständigen. mehl mich mal an. voran at myway.com - yours, the Lolly Pope

79deadman said...

Hi! Very Nice blog! Nice work for remembering music of the past.


Anonymous said...

The far by best 60's compilations ever. How much more gems can we expect? Thanks and Danke Schon!!!