nico: walpurgisnacht (raritäten und konzerte teil 2; germany 2002)

yes: my dear fellow followers: nico again. and no: my dear fellow followers: you can never have enough nico in your collection. part two of a german bootleg collection released in 2002 providing you with more live and studio rarities of the goddess of punk: some may sound familiar, most might not. (part one can be found way down in this=here blog)

anyway. please find the complete tracklist and some additional information on discogs: yes: kevin ayers and john cale are here to lighten your selves in line to whatever unknown sounds you will and must be going through. dear. you will be hurt heard herd.

walpurgisnacht / belta(i)ne
(mp3 / direct download / scans included)


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I discovered you blog through TwilightZone and love it. Downloading like crazy before taking one week off to liste to all of it! Thanx.

Ross said...

Is there any way you can upload this again? It's not on the site anymore. Thank you :) !!

rvd said...

nico walpurgisnacht: i just tested the download and no problem occured. please try again.

Certifiablockhead said...

great live goods...regards