john stevens' away: free improvisation always had an edge to pop! this is mutual benefit!

john stevens tried to avoid the term "free jazz" for the sounds he was involved with. more likely he called it spontaneous music or free improvisation exploring and exploiting all kinds of music with an open mind for unexpected disorganisation that might or might not include jazz, pop, ambient noise or any other sonic incidence. he was bored with unambiguousness and alway tried to break down or better ignore frontiers, limits and limitations.
in the mean time spurensicherung kept records with some of his forgotten or hard to find works (follw the tag in the column on the right). today we grub out some tunes of his band john stevens away that were recorded between 1978 and 1980 and were released in 1994 as mutual benefit on the german konnex label. the music was dedicated to miles davis, samuel beckett, james joyce and some friends and musicians he loved. the band included john stevens on drums, nick stephens (bass), jon corbett (trumpet), robert calvert (saxophones), nigel moyse (guitar), tim stone (guitar), ron hermann (double bass), jeff young (keyboards) and david cole on guitar in varying combinations.
(download with mediafire / mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included)

more information on john stevens and a vast discography can be found on the free european improvisation pages: the musicians' and groups' index will help you.


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John Stevens was a player, pure and simple... must remember to dig out John Martyn's Live At Leeds as well ... thanks very much for this!

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Can't wait -- I've never heard this!

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