NO DISTANCE - TIRED OLD LADIES KISS'N DOGS. (Outside Records 1989, Germany) Another KRAUT rarity's debut in the blogosphere.

Is it Rock? Is it Jazz? Is it JazzRock? Who cares... it's not the usual fusion noodling anyway. While recorded as late as 1988, true Kraut weirdness is still intact.

With an album title pinched from the lyrics of Eugene McDaniel's "Compared To What", you might be misled to expect some SoulJazz outfit, even though they know that kinda stuff pretty well. But the influences are too many to list here. They give the late Franz-Joseph Degenhardt a writer's credit on "Vorstadtfeierabend", even if it's only inspired by Väterchen Franz, and he would never have recognized it as one of his songs.But have a listen and draw your own conclusions. The band came from the hinterland of Munich, and we post the record (vinyl rip) with kind permission of the copyright owners. (Thanks Mike Uitz.) They had another one called "Different Guitars" in 1992, again on their own Outside Records, which was released on CD. If there's enough reaction, we might think about posting that one in the not too distant future.

In loving memory of absent friends who no longer are with us...

...dedicated to Margie Gschlössl, a lady and an allround artist if ever there was one, and Fred Braceful, the man who not only drummed in Et Cetera, Exmagma and many other famous groups, but also was a close friend of close friends of mine.

1- Piggie's Walk
2- Bidon 5
3- Night Life Crisis
4- Vorstadtfeierabend
5- Yusuf
6- Tit City
7- High Life
8- Toreros muertos por Africa
9- Glory Lane

Margie Gschlössl: saxes
Fred Braceful: drums
Olaf Urban: trombone, euphonium
John Blue Ox: guitar
Dändi Händl: guitar
Michael Uitz: keyboards
Klaus Greif: electric & acoustic bass
Inge Rauer: drums
Produced by the band.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / Direct Download / Scans Included)


spunkie said...

Many thanks this sounds great

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I came here by googling for Fred Braceful, who is one of the most perceptive drummers of all times in my book. Never knew he played in this group. Any chance to find the other album you mentioned here in the future? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

your blog isnothing short of excellent,great variety and taste. Vielen danke aus argentinien.