peter brötzmann and milford graves / live in berlin / november 2002

two elder gods of free creative free improvised free music beyond the borders of free jazz: both peter brötzmann (saxophone etc) and milford graves (percussion etc) were about 61 years old when they recorded this live duo situation in berlin on the 1st or 2nd of november 2002. both had been crashing down and breaking through barriers of musical languages for a long time and they did not have to show and prove anything to anybody, so they could handle their chary dialogue with caution: poetic noise, harshaffectionated tenderness.

these recordings had been made available by jizzrelics a long time ago but have vanished on rapidshare since then. in the comments to that post on jizzrelics mew23 stated the tracks as follows:

1. you never know (mg) / finding your way (mg) [18:06]
2. our meeting (mg) [13:49]
3. little birds have fast hearts (pb) / the heart and the bone (pb) / die like a dog (pb) [24:42]
4. [mg talking to the audience] [02:14]
5. [encore] [04:23]

you can find more brötzmann next door browsing bewegnungen.

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