the incredible string band live 1973 and mike heron's incredible acoustic band 1993 - this is nor folk nor folk nor folk

the incredible string band, the metameta(per)version of folk into rock. the dub-liners of anti-homey beer drinking and singing along: my father was a subtext seeker and you're w(o)(a)ndering now living a target's life. mainchmal the sunk remainds the seam seamlassie on herd, my the way, meisenweg und werch!

here are five tracks they recorded in the late winter or early spring of 1973 that later on were broadcast on the king biscuit flower hour in the usa. by the tyme being they saw their only release as part of the four cd carrying case 'don't dare to forget' published by oh boy! in 1991 including a calendar for that year carrying all and additional information.

listen to licorice mckechnie on drums (etc), malcolm le maistre on bass and mandoline (etc), robin williamson on organ and guitat (etc) and mike heron on piano, sitar, vocals et cetera. here they go:

01 - my father was a lighthouse keeper
02 - the circle is unbroken
03 - torquoise blues
04 - old buccaneer
05 - black jack david

(mp3 / 320 kbps / art included / direct download)
(please note: this is just the incredible string band and none of the other bands mentioned in the picture)
mike heron's incredible acoustic band of course was one of many ways to treat and process the inheritant bequest of the incredible string band. mike heron (vocals, guitar) gathered up and around and away with john rutherford (guitar), stuart smith (bass) and dave haswell on drums for one of many ways to re-incarnate the incredible string sound in 1993 (robin williamson by the way went on some other ways) but anyway this still is way beyond: 
rumour has it that there is an 'official bootleg' of the incredible acoustic band, including these four tracks and seven more. but i never saw a copy of that one, and i never met anybody with applicable information on that one. though, so...

01 - tom and alexei
02 - leaning on my heart
03 - killing the dragon
04 - favourite sins

(mp3 / 320 kbps / art included / direct download)


Terry Blokesworth said...

Cheers for the upload : )

AnthonyH said...

There's an excellent ISB web site called "Relics Of The Incredible String Band" which contains lots of information about 'unofficial' recordings. (http://www.users.waitrose.com/~gimbri/ ) From this site I got the following, although I must say that as soon as I heard the audience clapping I knew it had to be a BBC Paris Theatre recording:
Paris Theatre, London, 23.11.72 (Broadcast 9.12.72)
I Know That Man* (Williamson)
My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper (LeMaistre)
The Circle Is Unbroken* (Williamson)
Turquoise Blue (Heron)
The Old Buccaneer* (Williamson)
Black Jack David* (Heron)
Jigs - The Bird That Lives On Rain/Yellow Flames Of Whin/Jenny In The Mosshouse/Drunken Black Winter (Williamson)
Source : BBC Radio One 'In Concert' Broadcast

Notes : Tracks marked * appear on the 1992 Windsong CD 'BBC Radio One Live In Concert' (WINCD 029) and the 2007 Hux CD 'Across The Airwaves' (HUX 087). This live set, minus 'I Know That Man', the jigs and DJ Pete Drummond's introductions, also appeared as part of a bootleg CD/calendar package on the 'Oh Boy!' label where it is credited as being one of the 'King Biscuit Flower Hour' syndicated US radio shows, live in London 1973.

Unknown said...

I have a copy of the official Incredible Acoustic Band official bootleg. It was sold as a cassette at gigs.