saint vitus live in cologne 1995 / search kölsch and destroy

'eavyy babbaby! saint vitus live in köln cologne on the 3rd of december 1995: slowschrill your doompf: speak metallscheinen or die. the date on the cover says 'köln 12.03.95' and might be confusing: but as these live recordings are from their european tour that promoted their last (?) (sic!) album die healing that came out in may 1995 it must be december, not march. the 12th wacken of forever.

we have of course scott reagers on vocals, armando acosta on drums, mark adams on bass and david chandler on what he calls a guitar. twelve tracks rolling the earth in a limited edition of 500, my copy was number 134. please endjoy.

01 - trail of pestilence
02 - let the end begin
03 - saint vitus
04 - white magic / black magic
05 - zombie hunger
06 - burial at sea
07 - guitar solo
08 - one mind
09 - in the asylum
10 - born too late
11 - look behind you
12 - white stallions

(mp3 / 320 kbps / art included / download with  mediafire)

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