carl kruger plays siemers plays the residents: 2002/2003 copyleftheaded occupansickmixes and we don't bloody care!

goodknight, beuysngerls, this is siemers speaking: in 2002 the now long defunct swedish label push the button asked me to compile a cd of soundworks i had done so far: toomuchonoured i did of course and siemers inter pares saw the lights of nodays: some old punk, some new minimalalastatics, some beatweaneas: siemers inter pares: in 2003 the wonderwonderful people of retinascan asked artists from around the world to take some of these noises and to mixadopt them and 43 of them did: retinascan collected these on the triple-cd siemers inter pares inter pares: a collection of re-makes and re-models that stimulated my megalegomania and i loved them all at all and all at all.
carl kruger was one of the artists involved and he even did some more than a halfsane/halfinsaint artist might be expected to do: he poked and drilled and rebored the sounds i created using sounds the residents in 2002 gave away to any body that wanted to hear/bear and/or recreate their situationalist noise and he released a very limited edition ( five=infact) of a cd-r-album with twenty extra(ct)minutes of steadysquealingthumping noise he extraterroricated from the signal-to-residents-noises i created. ant diss iss wot you are going to be hearing right now: the carl-kruger-mixes of dieswäärts!

this is dieswäärts: carl kruger on/about siemers on/about the residents:

01 -  dieswäärts (retinascan edit)
02 - 00m48s
03 - 02m45s
04 - 04m00s
05 - 00m40s
06 - 03m10s
07 - 04m00s
08 - 03m00s
09 - 02m38s
10 - 02m02s
11 - siemers - dieswäärts (original version)

(320 kbps / direct download)

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DrEyescope said...

I haven't listened yet,but thanks for this!I recently posted something UWEB-related at Closet Of Curiosities that may interest you.
Seasoned Greetings!